Jewish Topper (half wig)

All the hair on this Jewish Topper (half wig) is hand-woven, so it is excellent in both quality and density. It can give you a multi-faceted and natural look. This product also has a soft lace base that you can stick to your head or a suture clip to attach to your hair. In addition, the lace base has good breathability because it has many small holes of uniform size. A soft lace cap will also give you a comfortable wearing experience.
Our topper uses high quality human hair, so you can wash it repeatedly or give them a further natural hair styling. King-Fa Sheng-Yuan is one of the professional Jewish Topper (half wig) manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to purchase great Jewish Topper (half wig) products from our factory. Our company can produce different hair piece, toupee, and weaving hair.
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