Jewish Kosher Wig

The Jewish Kosher Wig we produced not only fits nicely into your existing hair, but also looks gorgeous and comfortable to wear. This wig can be customized to suit the convenience, comfort and style. The wig we produce not only makes you look great, but it also looks like your own natural growing hair.
The Jewish Wig we produced is made by the best 100% Europeans. This wig has a full-handed and half-handed half machine. This product is hand-knitted to tie the hair to the middle layer of the cap and then pull the hair out of the outer layer. This method of knotting makes the wig look as if the hair is growing out of the scalp.
You can sew the clips on the sides of the wig and sew the comb on the front of the wig to give you a safer feel. You can tailor, design, dye or color this wig to your personal preference. It is more durable than synthetic wigs. You can clean, dry, set and condition this wig just as you care for your natural hair.
King-Fa Sheng-Yuan is one of the professional Jewish Kosher Wig manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to purchase great Jewish Kosher Wig products from our factory. Our company can produce different hair piece, toupee, and weaving hair.
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