French Lace Hair Piece

In order to obtain an extremely natural appearance, the French Lace Hair Piece on the lace cap is carefully woven on the soft mesh hat by hand. This wig is made without mechanical stitching or weft. This hand-woven wig is a good example of the overall natural hair growth. The individual hair knotted to the lace cap looks like a hair follicle growing from the scalp.
This wig has great mobility so it can be separated and designed in any direction you want. In addition, since human hair can be designed using a heating tool, hand-knotted hair wigs provide the same infinite versatility as natural hair.
King-Fa Sheng-Yuan is one of the professional French Lace Hair Piece manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to purchase great French Lace Hair Piece products from our factory. Our company can produce different hair piece, toupee, and weaving hair.
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