Human Hair Piece

The design of this Human Hair Piece focuses on versatility, trends and collocation. The wig's hair style can be tailored to provide a fullness and fullness to the hairless head, creating a safe and comfortable fit and an elegant silhouette. Therefore, you can choose the wig we produce to give you a different style.
This hair piece is made from high quality human hair. A wig made from human hair that fits better with your own hair to look more natural and beautiful. In addition, this hair piece does not cause allergies when worn, because it is made with natural hair when it is made.
The easy-to-wear hair cap has a lot of holes for heat dissipation and ventilation, which make you feel comfortable during the wear process. The density of this wig is also high enough to meet your wear needs. This wig is not easy to knot because of the uniform weaving by hand, so you can guarantee your hair style for a long time. King-Fa Sheng-Yuan is one of the professional Human Hair Piece manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to purchase great Human Hair Piece products from our factory. Our company can produce different hair piece, toupee, and weaving hair.
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