Hair Weaving

The Hair Weaving we produced is made of real hair, so it has a good sense of realism and can be easily dyed. In addition, it has a good effect in appearance, hand color, sag and so on. The texture of this wig is fine, and it is more delicate by hand. It chooses great base fabric, so the hairline made is more natural. In addition, this base fabric can also make the wig's air permeability effect better.
The wig we produce is realistic and stylish. In addition, this product can be repeatedly cleaned or stored, and can be effectively prevented from deformation and discoloration as long as it is properly maintained. King-Fa Sheng-Yuan is one of the professional Hair Weaving manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to purchase great Hair Weaving products from our factory. Our company can produce different hair piece, toupee, and weaving hair.